Rules & Procedure

– The First and most important rule in this league, is If you can work it out, without the League, Admins, or Commissioner getting involved, PLEASE DO SO. This goes for absolutely everything, including ALL the rules below. If both Captains agree to starting a game, and the game is played, and stats are counted, than it is a win for everyone involved, no matter the outcome. If games are forfeit, due to rules, it is a loss for everyone. Keep this is mind. These rules are a guideline for fair games, but can (and most likely will) be broken, but please in all circumstances use your discretion. That being said, there will be zero tolerance for cheating of any kind.

Team Captains are responsible for scheduling game times between teams. (This means contacting other team captains and finding a good time to match up, and a password to use). They are also responsible for creating games on the website, and inputting the stats for their completed games. (A tutorial will be available soon for team captains, on how to do this through wordpress)
– ALL GAMES MUST BE STREAMED ON TWITCH OR YOUTUBE, IN CASE OF DISPUTES ETC. Please decide who is streaming the game, only one player needs to stream per game, please make sure the footage is archived for at least 24 hrs, and the link to the video is posted in the created game on the website, in the video URL field.
– Once a game time is set, a 15 minute grace-period is given, if a team is still not ready to play after the grace period, it forfeits the contest. (This is one of those rules that we don’t want to see causing many forfeited contests. If the team you are playing communicates that they are having problems getting together but still intend to play, please understand – life happens. We want games to be played, not won on forfeit, so Captains please be reasonable…. to a point. If it is a consistent thing, action will be taken by the league)

– If a Player on either team loses connection in the first 3 minutes of a game, the game shall be STOPPED and REPLAYED. Captains are required to message the opposing team captain if this happens asap, and all players involved MUST QUIT. (again use, your discretion captains, with this 3 minute time limit – its not a HARD limit unless it has to be enforced… again solving between Captains/Teams, and not involving the league, is always the best practice)
– If a Player on either team loses connection after the first 3 minutes, and the game is within 12 points, the game shall be STOPPED, a screenshot taken of the stats, and all players involved MUST QUIT. At this point the captains have a few options: (A) Replay the game in its entirety (B) Pick up where you left off, to the nearest quarter, and replicate the gap in score. (i.e. if the lagout happens, while Team A is up 39-32 over Team B, in the 3rd quarter, we replay both the 3rd and 4th quarters, and give Team A a 7-0 lead, possession goes to the team that did not lag out.) (C) If the problem is persistent with a certain player, the game must be played with AI to its entirety, and the stats from the AI will be attributed to the lagged out player. (D) The game may be rescheduled with the consent of both teams, and either option (a), or (b) can be used to resolve it.
– If a Player on either team loses connection after the first 3 minutes, and the game is NOT within 12 points, the game is to be played out in its entirety, and the stats from the AI players will be attributed to their owners. We do not tolerate quitting, take your losses (and your wins) with proper sportsmanship! (and you could end up winning the League’s Sportsmanship Award, along with some other hardware!)

– No filling missing players with people that do not have player cards in the league. Anyone already approved in the league, can create multiple player cards, for their own builds, and even for teammates that are not registered yet themselves. These player cards still need to still be approved by admins before their stats can be counted, and they can play in games, but it makes it easy to add a friend to the league quickly and easily.
Team captains can assign new player cards to their teams, and even approve new players, so playing a game with a user that doesn’t have a card should never happen, as long as a Captain or admin is around, just add the new player to the league before they play, by clicking the “create player” button on the main menu or in your profile page. We want this to be an INCLUSIVE community not a L33T SAUCE exclusive one. If you have a friend interested in playing in the league, by all means, make a player card for them and invite them in!
– League Members can use as many builds as they want in the league, however, EACH POSITION IS CONSIDERED ITS OWN “PLAYER“, and needs its own player card. There are only THREE positions in this league (for simplicity): Guard, Forward/wing, and Center. Therefore no one should need more than 3 player cards, regardless of the amount of builds they play.
– In order to qualify for the league leaders, and various other award races, only player builds/cards that have played over 60% of their total team’s games played, are eligible. This means you can only win awards, scoring titles, 1st team honors, with one player, so choose wisely!

– Teams can be created by Captains and League Managers, but must be approved by an admin.
Home jerseys must be predominantly white/light grey. Away jersey can be any color except white or light grey.
– Every team’s court must be predominantly wood color, color is only allowed in the key, and out of bounds, all lines must be clear, NO BRIGHT COURTS, we like our eyes…
– We encourage everyone to try and level up their Pro-Am team to Amateur-Gold, to unlock custom branding for their squad, but this is not required.
– We also encourage you to put 2KD as branding in front of your team name, but once again, not required.
– Each team has a maximum of 10 roster spots available at any time. Rosters are LOCKED IN after the All-Star Break, and any alterations must be approved by admins.

– There are two segments to the 2kDleague regular season separated by an “All-Star Break”:

*** ALL-STAR BREAK*** (All-Star Selections/Trade Deadline)

– The amount of teams that qualify for the Playoffs will be determined by the amount of teams participating in the current season, and Playoff format will be: 3 game series in the first round, and 5 game series in the following rounds. Championship is 7 games.
– The reason for splitting the season into sections, is for stats, and league leaders. In the past, having run a few leagues, some teams end up more active than others, and the standings/stats get confusing. This way ideally, we all meet up at the all-star break with the same amount of games played, and can accurately gauge what teams are doing what, how players are performing, and even create the possibility of a “playoff race”, without a “set” schedule! We understand that this may lead to a few very active teams having to wait for other less-active teams to get to the all star break, but hopefully everyone will progress at reasonably the same pace, and we trust Captains to both not rush ahead of the league in games played or lag behind. Splitting the season will also give admins an idea about which teams are active in the league, which teams need to be dropped, and if any trades need to be made, or players added/dropped, before rosters are locked in for the “playoff run”. (trade deadline)

– At the beginning of the game BOTH CAPTAINS must screenshot the starting lineups (in case of lagout/disconnection) and afterwards, BOTH CAPTAINS must screenshot the final box score of the completed game.
– Screenshots must be posted in the 2KDLeague “Captains PSN Group” to report outcomes.
– After every game the winning team will submit the box score screenshot with the game results. Only one screenshot is needed from the winner which must include the stats for both teams. (Captains Add PSN ID: ‘Rumplestiltz’ for an invite to the Captains group, we will use this group for the majority of communication between captains, for now, until the league grows)
– Captains are responsible for making sure that at least one player in the match-up is streaming.
– One Captain, from the matched up teams, must create the game on the website, post the stream link, and input the stats, within 24 hours of games being completed, or notify an admin to do so/help them, if there are any technical issues. The opposing team’s Captain is responsible for making sure that the stats and results are accurate on the website. Any problems, or discrepancies, contact an admin to get it resolved.
– Ideally games can be scheduled on the website first, by the captains, and than saved/updated with stats after completion. Only one game needs to be created, please communicate which Captain will do the web-stuff.

Most Valuable Player (Elite)- Top player in the regular season, on a top team, in the elite conference.

Most Valuable Player (Reg)- Top player in the regular season, on a top team in the regular conference.
Scoring Title – The top scorer in PPG at the end of the season.
Rookie of the Year* – Top player in the regular season, on a team that did NOT make the playoffs.
Sixth Man Award** – Top player in the regular season that is an Alt build or played less than 60% of a teams’ games.
Defensive Player of the Year – Top defensive player in the league.
Most Improved Player – Top player that improved the most statistically over the season.
Captain of the Year – Captain of the team with the best record.
Teammate of the Year Award – Voted on by the Players/Captains.
Sportsmanship Award – Given to the player with the least quits/lagouts on the team finishing in last place in the league.
Highlight Moment of the Year – Given to the best highlight in a season game. If you think you did something that deserves consideration – let an admin know, at what time, and during what game your highlight occurs, so we can get the footage! Or even better send us your clip!
All-DLeague First Team – The top players at each position.
All-DLeague Second Team – The next best players at each position.
All-DLeague Rookie Team* – The top players, on teams that did not make the playoffs.
All-Defensive Team – The top defensive players at each position.
MVP of the Playoffs – The top player on the team that wins the Championship.


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