The 2KDLeague is a brand new Pro-Am league for Intermediate level 2K players. We have full stat-tracking, season awards, league leaders, and more! Accepting registration NOW for the inaugural season!


The First Season will begin MID-MAY – and will kick off with a friendly tournament to test website functionality.

Rules can be found HERE. Please read them if you wish to play in the league.

The Schedule will be “Open” but divided into TWO SEGMENTS, with an “All-Star” break separating them. ALL GAMES will take place in Pro-Am “Private Matchup”, and Captains are expected to reach out to each-other to find days and times that work for both teams.

PSN messages, groups, and events, can be used to facilitate scheduling. Please get your games in as quickly as possible, if a game cannot be played, or teams/players are inactive/not responsive, than their games/players/teams may be simulated and/or removed from the league.

PROPOSED SCHEDULE (Subject to Change):
THE FIRST SEGMENT: Each team will play each other TWICE
***ALL-STAR WEEKEND*** (Team Captains will vote on All-Star Selections)
THE SECOND SEGMENT: Each team will play each other ONCE
***DLEAGUE PLAYOFFS*** (3 games-5 Games Series Format)

For more info, or if you have questions, please contact: 2KDleagueCommish@gmail.com


If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post comments here, after you have logged in.

Player Spotlight Series: EverydayDrippy (On Sight)

This week, on Second Take, Thieven A Smith interviewed one of the top standout performers from the opening weekend of the 2kDLeague Regular Season: EverydayDrippy After a strong showing in the pre-season tournament, and losing a close game in the Conference Finals, to the eventual Champions, his team “On Sight” has been on a tear, jumping out to an undefeated record.

The undefeated record doesn’t come without its share of criticism. When interviewed, after a sweaty game against On Sight, 5ive_one_four, star Center of Hardwood Quarantine, had this to say: “The game was lagging like a m*********…”

League officials, and the “Last 2 minute” review board, have been asked to review the formal complaint of “lag vs EU teams”, and are investigating the issue further.

That aside, Drippy has put up some extraordinary numbers over 5 games, against high level competition. Putting up 29.0 PPG, 11.6 AST, 1.8 SPG, shooting 60/50 from 2 and 3, with an “Efficiency/withoutFTs” rating of 162!

When asked to comment, on Drippy’s great opening weekend, commissioner Rumple Silver had this to say “Oh, I used to play with Drippy, he’s actually not that good… I used to mop the floor with him in 2K18… he got a bit better since then… he still from the UK so, yeah…”

Thieven A. Smith caught up with Drippy on “Second Take”, for a quick interview, here are our takeaways from his questions:

  1. What’s your Alias mean?: “It’s EverydayDrippy. Funny story, it was orignally RK97ER and CameThruFlexing before. A friend invited me into a party to play rec with him. What he didn’t tell me was that was a hacker in the party holding them “virtually hostage.” I joined and he gained access to my IP address, email and password. I had to block everyone in the party, reset my IP, a new email address and password. I changed my username so the hacker couldn’t find me on PSN.”
    Our Take: We find this one hard to believe, honestly being held “virtually hostage” sounds really really scary, if you are a pansy-ass bitch maid. Also if someone knew how to hack PS4 they should probably just become a billionaire instead of messing around with people on PSN. Hacker in 6 games.
  2. Explain your basketball history: “I come from England where basketball is not a big sport. We play football (soccer) and cricket. NBA 2K16 was free on PS Plus and I thought I’d give it a go. I enjoyed but had no idea what I was doing at the beginning! I made a 5’8″ PG that had the biggest hops. Ever since then I bought every 2K. I enjoyed 2K16 park the most. I liked the way you can do dribble combos and the soundtrack was perfect. NBA 2K18 was my breakout game where I started running Pro Am and we reached Elite 3. NBA 2K20 is my best 2K game and I feel is the most balanced 2K yet. I started playing actual real-life basketball in 2016. I am terrible! However, when I went on my exchange year in the States, I improved a lot. Since I came back and stopped playing, I’m back to being garbage. I’m decent at football (soccer) because I’m agile and really quick. I’m also good at cricket, I’m an opening batsman and a spin bowler.”
    Our Take: Cricket whats that? like the bug or something? We believe him about not being able to play ball though… Europeans throw like girls, and theres no good UK players in the NBA… 🙂
  3. What NBA player (past or present) would you say your myplayer could be compared to? “My myplayer is a combination of Westbrook and James Harden. Westbrook’s ability to take it to the paint and set his teammates up but Harden’s ability to shoot 3’s. Even miss as much as both sometimes!”
    Our Take: Westbrook grabs 10 RPG dude… try again.
  1. What would you change about 2k? “2K is so glitchy. What annoys me the most is how long it takes to find a game. There is so much I would change:The bugs such as it showing the wrong stats. Ability to have subs in Pro Am. So you can have your other player builds on the bench which you can sub in and out during timeouts. Each Pro Am team has a unique code. You type in the unique code and it challenges them to a match. Saves so much time.I’ll stop there as this game is buggy”
    Our Take: His first honest answer! We are finally getting somewhere. Hopefully he will open up about the glaring question on the everyone’s mind, the “Elephant in the Room”, will he open up about the pressing investigation and charges being laid by numerous government agencies.
  2. Are you secretive about your jumpshot and dribble moves? Do You shoot with the right stick? “No. the 2K community will find out either way. I have my meter on because I can’t time my free throws to save my life at all without the meter. No, I press square. I just find it more natural. Similar to FIFA which uses the circle button.”
    Our Take: Interesting how he says he is not secretive but than goes on to not tell us his jumpshot…
  3. If you had an opportunity to take your game pro, and play in the 2KLeague, and possibly make a living playing virtual basketball, would you do it? (Keep in mind this involves moving from your hometown, uprooting your life, losing your current job, etc. Your new salary is $32,000 a year, which works out to roughly 600/week): “No. Even though I enjoy playing 2K as a hobby. Making it a job won’t be fun plus it doesn’t pay much for a job that’s the top of its field”
    Our Take: Not sure we buy it… I think he stays awake at night looking in the mirror saying “I am good enough for the League… and my mom thinks I’m hot…”
  4. Any Shoutouts? “Shout-out to the team. Came a long way.”
    Our Take: why don’t you pass them the ball then, if you love them so much?
  5. Has your myplayer ever been arrested or involved in any off-court activities that the ATF and DEA should be aware of? “Huuuuuuuuuuuh”
  6. Our Take: During the interview you could see how nervous this question made him. Just his answer alone, pretending he has no idea what the media is talking about, shows that he is in complete denial of the Gun and Drug Smuggling ring found in his Myplayer Penthouse. Rumours of human trafficking and prostitution abound, and when our sources reached out to On Sight Team member “Zappy61”, he had no comment:

Our investigative journalists will keep you updated as Drippy is set to appear in court Tuesday.

Adam Silver: “Play will not stop if any NBA players tests positive for COVID-19” when season resumes.

No fans in the arenas might not be that bad for a season. I think we might see some of the most competitive, trash talking, in your face, basketball in over 20 years. During the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, The USA Dream Team played a scrimmage game at a closed practice that ended up being regarded as one of the greatest games ever played. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, and the rest of that first ballot basketball hall of fame cast (except for Christian Laettner) all just trying to prove who the best of the best really was. It was physical, it was filled with trash talk, and every basket seemed personal. Fans will be back in NBA arenas again. But until they are, i just want to watch some NBA Playoff Basketball in 2020.

Thinking Basketball: Moving without the ball

This was a really interesting video from on of the best minds on Youtube for basketball break-downs, and analysis. This video can show the importance of off-ball movement, and how it can be used to create open shots.

This is interesting for the 2k community, because many teams predominantly play five out, with very little movement off ball.

Check out the full video HERE.

Conference call among NBA stars, forms pact to restart league!

Chris Paul, the president of the players association, arranged a call yesterday that included LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin DurantGiannis AntetokounmpoKawhi LeonardStephen CurryDamian Lillard and Russell Westbrook, sources said. The conference call was arranged to discuss the corona-virus pandemic, and the possibility of the NBA season returning. Apparently a “pact” was formed to possibly put pressure on the league to resume play under certain conditions. Possibly the removal of fans from the stadium.

Many fans believe that the season should be cancelled, however the financial implications of that are relatively unknown. The NBA has had a surge in popularity over the past decade, and cancelled seasons (historically) have been very bad for “fan-interest” in sports (look at the various strikes in baseball, and hockey, for example).

On the other hand, what % of NBA fans, ACTUALLY GO TO A GAME, every season? I love basketball, and watch most games, but the Raptors unfortunately have gotten too expensive for me to enjoy in person… Also the NBA is HUGELY popular overseas, and in countries that do not have a teams, and cannot attend games anyways. How much of the revenue is REALLY coming from ticket sales, now that advertising revenue seems to be the new “King”?

I personally am in favor of the season coming back with no fans, but than again, I didn’t spend thousands on season tickets…. I feel for those people.

You can read the whole story HERE.